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GV Alumni Spotlight - Sarah Goldman (2019 graduate)

Where are you now?

Currently I am in Syracuse, New York pursuing a Television, Radio, Film degree from Syracuse University.

How is music a part of your post-high school life?

Music remains a pivotal part of my life, and I express myself musically in a series of music classes, my a cappella group "Oy Cappella", and through the release and creation of my own original music.

What is your fondest musical memory from Great Valley?

I have many fond memories of the GV music program, including performances, productive rehearsals, random improv moments with the drama guild, and bonding time within the given choirs. One of the most important moments that remains in the back of my mind is the semi-annual passing out of one of my fellow students, a ritual that happens almost every choir concert without fail. To me, this speaks to the outdated resources provided to us, and the progress that still needs to be made within the department. Regardless, I still left Great Valley with a proper knowledge of music and extensive musical experience, the very experience that has allowed me to succeed in a college and professional setting.

What advice would you share with current middle and/or high school students as they look to the future?

Some advice I would offer the younger members of Great Valley would be to pursue what you're actually passionate about, even if it isn't what your friends agree with or you don't get the response you want. If that passion is music, write that album, even if it's the worst thing ever written, it will still be yours, and that's a start. There is always room for improvement and bettering yourself, but you will miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take. Take that shot, you will thank yourself later!

Find Sarah's EP on Spotify and Apple Music:

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