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GV Alumni Spotlight - Tyler Boclair

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Boclair and I am a Great Valley graduate from the Class of 2018. During my time at Great Valley, I was actively involved in Choir, the Chambers Singers, and Drama Guild. For me, music was always an escape from all of the craziness and stress of everything else going on in the busy world around me. Whether I was worrying about exams, group projects, or college applications, focusing on music always helped me relax and focus. Music also provided me with some of my best high school memories for which I am forever grateful!

Honestly, after graduation, I thought my "music career" was over. I hadn't given much thought to how music would play a role in my college experience. However, after getting settled into my freshman year at the United States Naval Academy, I decided to audition for the Men's Glee Club, and what an incredible opportunity it has been. In addition to continuing to have music to help with life's stressors, I have had some pretty amazing experiences, including performing in the historic chapel on campus and at every home football game, singing the National Anthem on the field at the Baltimore Ravens stadium, and competing against some of the top choirs around the country.

While I never anticipated music becoming such a big part of my life, I learned the importance and value of music during my time at Great Valley. My best piece of advice for students as they look to the future would be to find what you are passionate about and be relentless towards achieving your goals. No matter how hard it is, or how many times you may fall short, the outcome is always worth the effort.

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